D Double E
Winning (Remix)
Ooh, Ooh

[Verse 1:]
I’m putting in the work, putting in the work
Tell me where and when and then I’ll do the dirt
Come on your block alone so you’d better blur
If you mess with one of my dogs I go berserk
I’m not cool like Marley
Big shot I mean like Harley
I can feel the tables turning
I can feel your energy burning
Them man ain’t making pounds
Them man ain’t making sterling
Still here to spit my bar no need for rehearsing

Ooh, we’re so winning
Where my day ones
Ooh, we’re so winning
Feels a ton
So funny ain’t it?

[Verse 2:]
Sorry I had to speak like this
But when I’m upset I just speak like this
845 heat like this
Them think that we meet like this
Don’t know you, don’t know who you are
You’re not my brethren, you’re not ma sibling
Big 45 mek a man run far
Them ain’t intelligent enough
Hey them ain’t intelligent as us
That hate corporation selling them the stuff
And all dem rude bwoy very ro- ro - rough
Serious ting now
I go to war, struck with my hand
Just like before
Knock knock knock now I am at your door
AK rifle? Tell me are you sure?

[Verse 3:]
I’ll be the best if you ain’t gonna ain’t it
Jump to the bar yeah look like a villain
Show where I sleep, I ain’t no chicken
Forget about that bro, anyway listen
Too much man fight and ain’t bringing
Send me the team, bway you ain’t bringing
Circle’s tight, only day ones in it
Keep to the roof from day one, ain’t it
Damn, men wanna move to me
Move to me, how?
Swear on everything all white, oh?
Can punch you in your face, or in your mouth
Look at my face you see no ball
Like with me talk of the town
When you hear move don’t talk to the don
As I see you my left hand’s down
Forget about that bway I’m here now


[Verse 4:]
Remix, safe
Sibling, safe
H hoří jak haze
SB, safe
Bloodline, safe
Reload, safe
Ale v UK safe
Chci mít DDouble fame
Sem nezničitelnej, tak nech ten hate bejt
Nejsi big jak H, plejtváš energií a kecama asi nechám
Přistát 9mm na tvůj face
Žádnej PlayStation game, ale sem winner
Žádnej X-Box, ale v ruce trigger
Nejsem Skinner ale streets sou mý
Takže celej tvůj fake hate je jenom nesmysl
Chceš bejt replika, si jen embryo
Kopu ti hrob, nakopávám ti testicle
A fakt nemyslim Huga a jeho Bauch Money f**king děvko (gang)
Když řikám, že seš krypl