D Double E
Natural Organic
[D Double E]
No dilly no dally
Jump in the car and rally
Draw for the bucky and strally
All my enemies I don't pally
You know the score and tally
Can't see my face cause the bally
?, these hoes like bally
Make a man move to the valley
I got the packs of the Cali
And I got the big back gally
Make a man go doolally
Make her breed and carry
?, the gutter
This is my bread and b***er
Don't wanna hear a war don’t utter
I shut down your shop and shut up
Us man are out for the money
Us man are out for the profits
Trying to get those keys for the bluku office
Trying to get those keys, break it down and shot it
Go online and cop it
Taking off like rocket
I got the plug like socket
What you looking for I've got it
I got the key unlock it
It's a good deal can’t knock it
Man are hating don't watch it
Just like a game I’ll clock it
My style you can't mock it
Man are out for the wealth
Just tryna bet on myself
Tryna have good health
Check the weed on the shelf
Mandem grew it thereself
Ganja farmer looking out for the helicopter
Call me the medical doctor
I'm on a different planet
When am I gonna land it
Man wanna try and scam it
Put a stop on it, quickly ban it
Don't worry don’t panic
Fix that like a mechanic
Natural organic
Natural organic

[AJ Tracey]
My baby girl Arab and sexy
LV everything she's flexy
Her pum she's an oven infertile
I might have to breed this one man let's see
Organic and natural
My girls got boots that's factual
I've made hundreds of bags of music
That's statistics boy yeah that’s actual
D Double and Tracy we got Patrone and Nina and Lacy
Tryna live humble
But I’ve got bed and it crumbles
So I put it down for the mash and the tumble
?, no Garfunkel
If I need a skengman I call up uncle
Uncles gonna come down with the chopper
Banana clip make a big man tumble
Cocaine on my white air ones
I'm stamping on yay in a posh girls drum
I'm tryna stack dough
Tryna feed my mums
I had to push work in a West End slums
?, you're a nutter
Man'll get toast with the, ?
Shots'll leave marmalade on your gang
Cah the .44 and the .38 will jam