D Double E
School Of Grime (The Streets Remix)
[Intro: Mike Skinner]
From Mile End to Ealing from Brixton to Bounds Green

[Verse 1: Chip]
Look, give me more, give me more
8 bars, 16 or 24
Pull up in the dance, get a reload fam
With a 16, I wrote a 16 at 24
When I spit this lyric in my 30s
You wanna understand you can't murk me
And the little sly digs don’t hurt me
Cause listen, I'm a big man but I'm not 30
Man know the scene, man know I’m from it
Man just ga**ed, man don't want it
Man know Chipmunk, man know I'm froggy
Mic in my right hand, man don't want it
Listen, I'm a cool lad, I'm not bad
But when I put my pen to my pad, it's like a gat
Yo, anytime I bust a rhyme, I make it clap
Look how I'm moving it forward, bringing it back
Oi, Cut the beat out, f**k that, bring it back
Listen, we can get a set vibe live on a track
You think I care for garms you wear?
Fam, you can’t buy swag, you’re just swag
Yeah, back in the day I was Heat FM's prophet
Times when £5 subs hurt my pocket
Grime scene saviour, Rudolph raver
10 years later, you know I still got it, blaow!

[Verse 2: D Double E]
[Verse 2: D Double E]
Grime, man don’t know about grime
Man have been on this from long time
From way back when I weren't signed
Jump on the riddim and then I go blind
140BPM, I shine
140BPM, that's mine
Trust me, I was ahead of my time
Back then, I was ahead of my time
Nobody could see, everybody was blind
I have bare tings in the pipeline
Bars, yeah they're one of a kind
Don’t try watch me when I write mine
Try clash me are you in your right mind?
If you look deeper, you will find
I am the deepest of all time
Represent London, I represent grime
Come on, come on, put your belt on the line
Nah, you don't wanna put your belt on the line
Them man are drying out like clothes on the line
If this was football man will get twined
By D Double, Jammer, Chipmunk combined
Man dem are here, man are on the front line
You three don't wanna try and cross that line
Come to the ends, you can come round mine
[Verse 3: Jammer]
You can't come against I
We stay fly like birds in the sky
Me and D Double been causing trouble
Since Nasty Crew coming to your hi-fi
Man are living in the future, man are sci-fi
Man have got bars more than the Wi-Fi
Man can't come against I
Leave your headtop looking something like a tie-dye cause
Man are coming from the old school
Mic in my hand, buss that like jewel
All my n***as shine bright like jewel
Man wanna clash and man wanna duel
MCs die when I get the burkle
D Double E, Chippy and the Murkle
Man are coming from the Lord of the Mics school
Dem pu**yholes ain't in my circle
Dem pu**yholes ain't in my corner
Lyric dem are hot like California
They don't want arms like body warmer
Man disappear, nobody saw ya
When we spit, they don't wanna bar
When they spit, they know it's a par
Lyrics will fly like birds in the sky
Anytime manaman spit a 16 bar
[Hook: Chip & D Double E]
If you, you, think you, you
Can come against I, I, I, I
Then bullets will fly like
Birds in the sky
Now your career's on the line
Next time, think twice before you try
And come against me, me, ooah ooah!