D Double E
Catchdubz Freestyle (Live From NYC)
[Verse 1: D Double E]
I'm on the way to stardom
Anybody wanna test, on the way I'll discard 'em
Wanna test me? I beg your pardon
More time if it's not worth it, I par them
Would be too obvious if I bury them in the garden
But they still try and hide out like Laden
Still active-
From [?] with the bar [?]
I'ma set them on fire like an arson
That will teach 'em for acting like an [?]
You don't wanna spend a couple weeks in the basement, little wasteman
Nah you could never face
Man are gonna spit 6 til they're full up the [?]
Newham Generals come like the freemason
Got [?] across the nation
Salute [?] new generation
I've got a lot to say but let me keep it brief
I'm a big boy, nah I don't wear brief
I represent E7 which is in East
If you wanna come find me and unleash
All my mandem stay with a [?]
Yeah, they roll with a piece
And my bars make girls wanna stay for a piece
Now I'm at home pumping your girl for a piece
[?] think I'm gonna release, just like this riddim in the streets
You might see me on the riddim with the [?]
Hear my voice on pure different beats
Wanna come and see me but there's no seats
Rudeboy, if me and the majors wanna meet
'Cause when I touch mic I got a different technique
Each and every one of my bars are unique
[Verse 2: Ears]
Gotta make P's
Gotta make these
Fake G's know that I'm from the east, man are out
Ain't got time, I just came down to spit a rhyme
Especially if it's a beat that I like
Ears, yeah I bring the heat to the mic
Rough road more time 'cause the streets dem are hype
Still gully, yeah, still out for the money in the tummy
Still move like a thief in the night
Cool, sorta like a breeze in the night
I'm suparb, I'm the new word
So they're like, "yeah that Ears is decent alie"
Trust, and I ain't even a lie
Look, and I know you don't like me
And you spite me, true say I flow real tightly
So it's possible you wanna fight me
We can stick it to the streets if you like
Look, please don't forget yourself
It's airem scarem
Know that I'm repping, Jahmek the world plus
We're breaking director scales
Get 10 [?]

[Outro: Ears]
Yo, we're moving
Nice and easy
Get to know, get to know yeah?
Right from the top, yeah?
East London in the place
Okay, look, uh
Please don't forget yourself
It's airem scarem
Know that I'm repping, Jahmek the world plus
We're breaking-