D Double E
You Dont Know Mec
Part 1

[Verse 1: Ears]
-king director scales
Get 10, since when have you did that as well?
Yeah that's what I thought
How many [?] tracks have you brought?
So respect as well as grat**ude
Your att**ude gets you nowhere
Boy better protect your girl
When we come around, we will roll over
Anyone, that still are moving slower
Trust, it's real, I know dat
You wanna move with us, rather than lose to us
I swear I told ya
We're here, the wait is over
Look, it's air, the wait is over

[Verse 2: D Double E]
Built it ourself, nobody made us
Everybody on the roads, they rate us
Newham Generals, yeah we got a big status
Too many haters wanna bait us
Just because they can't make papers, they wanna bring a man down like elevators
Tell them boy there yeah laters
Them boy there will never be a baiders
I'm on the way to making dough like bakers
More time, I ain't got time for fakers
My boys will serve man like waiters
Cah we got eachothers backs, yeah we do favours (Ohh)
Man with a hump for me like majoys
You better come with some real soldiers
Cah we got that ammunition ready to load yahs (Yo)
Part 2

[Intro: T.I.]
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay (Serious)
Oh, oh, oh
Ay, ay, ay
I'mma tell y'all sucka a** n***as somethin' (Ay)
First of all n***a, look'a here dawg (Serious)

[Chorus: T.I.]
You mighta seen me in the streets but n***a, you don't know me
When you holla when you speak, remember you don't know me (Serious)
Save all the hatin' and the plottin', n***a you don't know me
Quit tellin' n***as you my partna, n***a you don't know me (Serious)
Don't be a groupie, keep it movin', n***a you don't know me
Hey I ain't trippin' pimp, the truth is really, you don't know me (Serious)
Yeah, you know they call me T.I., but you don't know me
You be hatin' and I see why, 'cause you don't know me (Serious)

[Verse 1: T.I.]
I think it's time I made a song for n***as who don't know me
I graduated out the streets, I'mma real O.G (Serious)
I been trappin', shootin' pistols since I stood four feet
So all you n***as actin' bad-