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"Make You Proud"

[Verse 1: Azad Right]
Been together for some years now, it's getting harder
And it feels like we've grown apart farther
The thought of you unhappy has me caught up, I'm in my mid twenties
And my confidence is low, I've been running on f**king empty

For too long, I ain't trying to start a fight
It's just hard to accept I ain't buying you what you like
But you don't really care, you appreciate the thoughtful sh*t
Recently, I've been dodging your calls on some awful sh*t

Cause every time we go out, you the one that pays the bill
How you think that make me feel Real sh*t, it makes me iLL
You rub my back and tell me, chill have some patience
Keep doing what you love and eventually you gon' make them mills

I love you, there's nobody else that I'm as close to
But as a man, I should be standing on my own two
So forgive me if I'm coming home late
It might feel like I'm running in place but I've been working babi

[Hook: Senidah]
I've been working all night long
Can't you feel the passion burning so strong
Hope it makes you proud
Hope it makes you proud

[Verse 2: Azad Right]
It's unconditional, I always give you all my love
But what if i'm not the star, that you thought I was
Then I remember that we're family and you got me regardless
I'm talking whether or not my money is tall enough

Seems like success has evaded me for my whole career
Still you make me feel good about my small wins
Surprising me with dinner and the coldest beer
Letting me know, no matter what, you'll put your all in

I swear everyone needs somebody like you
A caring woman that embodies the truth
We've had our fights but I've never had a problem with you
You gave me life, it ain't right I need to watch the way I'm talking to you

Yeah, cause I couldn't imagine a life without you
Girl, I feel like I know everything about you
You really hate when I flake on our plans
And I'm sorry, but I'll say in advance that I've been working babi


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