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The Revivalists

"Fade Away"

You got the potion yeah you really do
Make everybody fall in love with you
Call me your lover call me another
All I hear are lies from you
They're throwing stones and you’re feeling bad
Blue baby friends are all you ever had
Lie to you I won’t
Lie to me you may
But now is not the time and death is not the place but

Would you come with me
I want you to come with me
Cuz I can’t do this alone
Oh and society is putting scars on my body
It’s got me acting so naughty
Setting fire to my home

I’m just another skeleton in her closet
A freak like no one knows
Buried bones up in her backyard with dirt between my toes
Yeah I used to really love her
But now I just don't know
The time between us faded all the love I felt below
And I wish I may I wish I might have some love today
You know I could
You know I would find a way to stay
But now is not the time and here is not the place
I’m on my way to somewhere these scars I can't erase
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