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The Revivalists



[Verse 1]
You broke my heart to save our one true chance to grow old year-by-year
Forever we’re dancin', away a summer’s night without all the rain
You can rely on me honey I’ll always remain
You’re confident you know you’re my best friend
You’re the thoughts in my mind, that I can’t comprehend
Like you and me living two worlds so departed
Forever you’re the only one who’ll mend my heart

Lie on the ceiling stare up at the floor
Fall upstairs to answer quiet knocks on my back door
There’s water in the streets and roots in the sky
Wind blows away my mind I’m up all night
The Earth don’t spin unless I’m by your side
One day together babe we’ll flip the world upright
We’re gonna flip the world upright

[Verse 2]
Don’t speed to find me babe but don’t you drive slow
I’ll be here waitin' in the place that you know
Shoes hang in windows and no one knows my name
Now that you’re gone I’m the only one to blame
For a heart that hardened with each shortenin' breath
The undeserved tears that your blue eyes wept
That seeped into the cracks I carved in the ground
And slowly but surely tipped our world up side down
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