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The Revivalists

"Up In The Air"

Joanie packed her bags
Made sure to bring her mate’
Told her mom and dad that
She never met nobody else
Quite like lee
He moved down from Oregon in the rain
Established a connection with an underground king
They’ll have it all, in the blink of an eye
I’m the only one who knows how this happened all so fast
We both grew up together
I thought I knew this love would last
Guess I was wrong, Heaven song, goodness gone
In the blink of an eye

She’s a very pretty girl
With a magnolia smile
In this white wedding world
It only takes a little while
To get what you want
When no one’s looking in

There’s a river running through
The backwoods of her brain
It brought a rapid fast delivery
Of aqua colored pain, that no one could see
Pity please, pretty please goes on in the night
They’re trading places, they’re missing faces
Their wanted poster’s on the wall
They’re keeping pace with
Two hopped up hippies in the Superdome
Mama calling on the phone, when you coming home?
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