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Paul Brandt

"I Believe You"

There's a dealer with a car
He can sell you for a song
There's a psychic on the air
Got a hotline to your palm
There's another politician who's makin' news
With a brand new twist on his version of the truth
They got powders they got pills with an x factor in it
Supposed to make you look
Ten years younger in a minute
They try to sell you dreams, well I ain't buyin' what they sell
But baby when you tell me there could be nobody else

I believe you, I just look in your eyes
I believe you, a true heart never lies
It's more than just a feeling, it's a matter of faith
When you tell me our forever won't fade away
I believe you, I believe you
Yes I do

There are golden guarantees right above the dotted line
Promises to keep, all you gotta do is sign
That's just paper-thin trust, but I can tell you this
When you tell me that you love me
And then seal it with a kiss


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