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1995 (Producer)

"Hummingbird Stance"

[Verse 1]
And so apparently the Everglades
Are ineligible for Obamacare
And honor, their machines are going green now
That cost a trunk and a branch
To a tree with no medical try’na feed mouths
Meanwhile a suicidal building jumped off a man
What a scam
Couldn’t stand with the will in its hands
Lieutenant Dan, man
Sand limits
Many stand-able minutes and the foundation is giving in
Throw 'em in a land fill and imagine how the land feels
Did it fell another building again?
To busy focused on that real estate
To really rip it, hold the slip and hope and fate of its friends
It all depends. In grief and anger land punches an inanimate man
The rumor spread like a tumor on a string and two cans
By mean the news have formed a loop like fruit and toucans
Another high-rise skydive story to gran
The liquor store had told the pawn shop
The bus stop, eavesdrop, streets watching trees
Gotta go through this again
Some say his brain was a victim to a double plane assault
Others say it’s the San Andreas Fault
The windmill goes to work in tears, waving its hands
Keep the energy efficient, keep ‘em tipping
Never listen, never give any chance to any building
And that’s what you get when you pay windmills to dance
It’s like that ya'll

[Hook] (x2)
Here we go
Oh here we go
Geronimo, look out below
Aye, aye, aye, aye, oh
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa

[Verse 2]
They wonder like Alice in land, hallucinating
Why you always duplicating J when you saying ‘boom’?
Have you ever seen a star zoom?
Go supernova, leave the tomb
That’s a sonic boom
I’m hoping this opening holds you over
I wrote some new metaphors for you to use, and quote
And I hope that they teleport you a little closer to heaven’s door
You couldn’t have said it better
But I said it more, like a dyslexic orphan
Born with the torment scoring on Wheel of Fortune
I know the weather and the rain pours
I’m on my way, don’t leave
Waiting to exhale, set sail
Hope they breathe, hope and believe
Meanwhile I was smoking trees
Added fire to these broken leaves, toking dopamine
Foliage was hovering over me, way back before
Hopefully this will hold you over the struggle
The mission for Givens to stay sober

Admission that that mission is like every day for me
So that’s me and you
That’s at least two, you know
See it may sound absurd to you
But your words are immutable
He sent this hummingbird for you to know
For you, the perturbed, to whom it may concern
Observe that you are not some island tied in one cubical
And I know it may sound suitable to try to escape this fire
And jump from that fire escape on your Monday
But skydiving on your fifteen minute break just ain’t as beautiful
As seeing one crucified for you and I
See they think you stupid fly
They ask like do or die if you wanna ride in a suit and tie
Try'na drive you to suicide

[Verse 3]
A whirlwind of white smoke swirls through the pipe slow
A whirlwind of *coughing* white smoke
A whirlwind of white smoke swirls through the pipe slow
The light slow blood flow drips from the white coat
That I lifted up my nose
Black American psycho
That’s that Hollywood life though
That chic and a fifth and a zipan, I might blow up
Eyeing this porcelain bowl
Bulimic could cry and the vomit is screaming inside of him
Panoramic view, now switch it to camera two
Son of Man and you
And the moon, cinematic view
Bathroom floor, rolling around but this ain’t Xanadu
Pan to a Christian addicted, fetal position on the cold tile
Pleading forgiveness, images spinning and spinning
What happens when a model citizen in college
Fills with the option of marking and riddling to scholars
Swimming inside him
The enemy thinking he got him
Then the Lion hears his cries and falls on him like autumn
Screaming mayday, mayday
I’m out of ammo like melee
Can you see my hand in the air? I wave it like Nae Nae
Eighteen I was April showers went from hypodermic flowers
Suicidal coming down, I’m dropping into dungeons, drowning
Meanwhile, the eye of the funnel cloud came around
So there’s a peace to enlighten the addict that’s light in the attic
A buddy at the side walks in, wanging the habit
Who was dropping in to hug him
OxyCotton picking ninny muggins
Who is gonna save me?

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