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1995 (Producer)


[Chorus: Verse Simmonds]
Baby, just open, like I got the password to your heart
Got you wide open
You can open wide, you can take it off
Open, open, baby just open
Can you keep it open?

[Verse 1: Meek Mil]
Yeah, f**king you like I just got out the pen
I got you open like I got the pin
Fly out the city and I'll fly you in
Girl, yeah, she bought her homie and I got a friend
She throw it back, dirty whining again
Instant replay, I rewind it again
Shawty bust it open, lay it down
Had to brush up on it, tell her say it now
n***as hatin' on me, throwin' shade now
'Cause I'm gettin' money and I'm paid now
Had to run it up, on my way now
Only jealous 'cause them n***as lay it down
Got her in a Maybach with her pants down
Put the curtains up and put your head down
Do a headstand, put your ass up
If the pu**y good, I get a cash out
If you f**king with me, better answer
Balling in the six like I'm a Raptor
She be only f**king with the trappers
Know the hatin' sh*t ain't gettin' past us
'Cause you only told her that I only want to hit it
Preachin' to the choir, you the baddest (Ohh)
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