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"Wonder (TĀLĀ Remix)"

I can beat the night, I'm not afraid of thunder
I'm full of light, I am full of wonder

[Verse 1: Mic Righteous]
I wonder will i make it, and will I ever live up
To these expectations, I will if I never give up
Cuz all we need is one love, and someone pouring liquor
Prolly fill a ?? and tell you how I'm getting quicker
b*t*h you now fit, but now I'm getting fitter
Yeah we in a mental gym, loosing out the pain
Fifty thousand viewers in about a day
So this is for you and yours and view is more realer
This ones for you forget the gloom
?? a be bitter
Yeah cuz I'm a born spitter
The ep's bound to launch we got a team onboard
I'm reforming, I'm warning ya i writ this yesterday
It's just to say say the warm ups support in fact furthermore from all of us
Hotel cabana you got all the love, we let the music talk
And talk it does, it talks to them like it oughtta
There must be something in the water

Woahh woahh woahhh
I keep falling under
Woahh, wooahhh, woahh
I am full of wonder

[Verse 2: Mic Righteous]
There's something inside the man that's recordin us
Naughty just, bought us a four course dinner
Dinner will be served shortly if you're with us
Who's with us, award winners
Can't war with us if you are fraudulent
The whole world opened up i falls with it
Some can't escape the dark fall in it
Lord forgive us the good can't see the vision
I'm like oi you, you're my boy blue
If you're down in cabana you're my boy too
And my sons got a varsity too now
So there's only really one thing to do now
Big up lands cuz he just bough his new house
We moved up, he moved out, and we did the only way we knew how
With no help, just two men
Now we got a whole crew, new plans
See life like a true man
You can see alot better if you move back
It's your life, yeah your time
It's a shame we can't ask for more time
What mine is yours, whats yours is mine
Ima light the torce, keep the torch alight
When you think you're wrong you're probably more then right

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