Bang* lyrics

Chris Brown

Lyrics from snippet:

[Chorus: Chris Brown & Sage the Gemini]
[..] in my bed (Oh, oh)
Bang, bang, you get [sixteen?], you be hittin' that for days (Oh, oh, yeah, oh)
Yeah. b*t*h, this steel, watch me bang, bang, it's stainless (Oh, oh, oh)
I just bought the bank and my b*t*h a pair of [?] (Yeah)
I'm still dangerous with no gang, gang
I'm just smokin' [?]
Stop with all that hot sh*t
b*t*h, what is you sayin'?
I'm still dangerous with no gang, gang
I'm just walking with my b*t*h (Ayy, ayy)

[Verse: Sage the Gemini]
Ayy, all-white, I drive a coupe whip
Whole minute on the 'Gram, you know I keep a full clip
Every time I hit, I do some new sh*t
I go down, she speak in tongues, now I'm pitchin' from the pool pit (Yeah)
I just took her to Jamaica
Tell her ex to get his cake up
I been drippin' with the flavor

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