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Stephen Sondheim

"The Girls of Summer (”Sondheim Sings Vol. 2” Version)"

The girls of summer
Get  burned
They  start the summer
They get undone by
A  touch of sun in June
Plus  a touch of the moon

The girls of summer
Get  fooled
'Cause soon, the summer
Heat has cooled
And come September
They  can't remember why
Things were hot in July

Not me!
It's too easy to fall
The moonlit sand
A faraway band
And that's all

Not me
I don't easily thrill
Never did, never will

The end of summer's at hand
I thought the summer was grand
But here I am with
The same undamaged heart
That I had at the start

The girls of summer forgot to run
The girls of summer were bound to lose
The girls of summer have all the fun
I had nothing but blues

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