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Stephen Sondheim

"Pour le Sport (”Sondheim Sings Vol. 2” Version)"

(The Duchess and three Palm Beach society women are playing golf)


We're  having such fun
We're going golfing
We're having such fun
And  feeling fit!
Isn't  it mad? We've never had so much fun
Let's quit

I  feel like crying
I got a birdie
I wasn't trying
So who could know?
Never  occured to me the bird was flying
So low!

Oh, to be out in the air again
Far from town
Feeling as strong as a bear again
Let's lie down
Straigtening out all the kinks again
Slightly sore
Ah, to be out on the links again
Pour le sport!

It's so amusing
Let's have a high ball
It's so amusing
It's like a game
Hitting a small, expensive ball
And losing the same

It's so exciting
Let's look for my ball
It's so exciting
Let's have a race
This one is mine
It says in tiny writing:
"Her Grace"

Back in the world of sports again
Trés trés gay
Back in Bermuda shorts again
Nudging the ball with your toe again
Who keeps score?
Ah, to be out with the pro again
Pour le sport

[WOMAN #1]
I want the niblick
Whatever that is
It's just a niblick
But it's divine
Even if it's a simple little niblick
It's mine!

[WOMAN #2]
I need the three-wood
It's silver-plated
I need the three-wood
But which is which?

[WOMAN #3]
Harriet told me hers is gold

[WOMAN #2]
Well, she would
The b*tch

Ah, to be out on the green again
In the pink
Getting deliciously lean again
Where's my drink?
Fresh as a girl of eighteen again
And what's more
We could keep at it yet for hours, getting thinner
Nevertheless, we've got to dress for dinner

Look at the time - let's say that I'm the winner!

What'll we do tomorrow
Pour le sport?

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