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OJ da Juiceman

"What the f*ck"

What in the f*ck, wha wha what in the f*ck (scratches) x3

[Verse - 1]
What the f*ck happened, no question too far
My money happened, to far
n*gga i try to get it hard (get it hard)
You a b*tch whale
Cause i ain't gotta inhale
Young rich n*ggas
f*ck y'all fake
n*gga i ain't tryin to get bad
b*tch get low


[Verse - 2 - Juicy J]
b*tch i'm Juicy J aight, let's go
What in the f*ck happened
I got no question
Is it my money
Is it my life
n*gga i don't know
You fake
I'm the realest
So i gotta stay it like that (bang!)

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