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[Intro: FORREST]
It's just different
So you reached the end of the tape
But this ain't the end of Josh Man
You're in for a ride

[Verse 1: Josh Man]
The nostalgia is still there in the background
I hope I caught y'all off-guard with this off sound
People asking 'round, "Is he really back?"
After 12 tracks, yeah I'm thinking I'm back
Shout out to John Wick, Pusha Terrence pushing bricks
I push the knowledge for the world, and the gospel
For example, by the grace of God, I'll go to college
The brakes are cut on me, no one could ever stop it
I could spit the truth to you if you want it
I got Jesus, Heaven yeah, I'ma flaunt it
I'm steamrolling through all the troubles that's coming quick
If God is for us, then no one could ever beat this
The Gospel's irrevocable, impossible to run from it
When Jesus comes back, His plan of attack
Throw the serpent in hell, and all the demons in cells
Our eyes will open up, we'll finally be wholesome and well
The pain and the shame and the games that are played
Dismayed for today, we not feeling okay
But the dia when Jesus arrives, glorious day
So join ya hands, lift up your heart, say
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