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Oliver Francis

"Polo Socks ($pla$h Hou$e 2)"

I just f**ked yo' b*t*h

I just f**ked yo' b*t*h in some Polo socks
I just hit a lick in some Polo flip-flops, ayy

She gon' do a split, then she make it pop
He gon' talk that sh*t, I'ma grip the Glock (Grra, grra)
I been gettin' money, I been gettin' guap (Ah)
Takin' bong rips, smoke a lot of pot, ah
I get the work, never punch a clock
And tell these mothaf**kers I'ma [?] while I [?]
See I'm ballin', lately, seein' commas all I ever do
I woke up, smoke a blunt for breakfast, you ain't f**kin' wit' us
I smoke a kush blunt, then I fly away
Fresh fruit on the counter, lil' shawty, don't play
I been rollin' up, rollin' Swishers up, shawty want a thug
Think I'm Makaveli and my cup is doubled up
She say, "What the f**k?"
She be lookin' at me like she wanna f**k
I'ma turn it up
Tell that b*t*h I ain't done, turn it up
Got gold on my necklace, gold on everything
Diamonds on me, look like a championship ring
I got that Virgin Guadalupe 'round my neck
And you know I'm smokin' like I think I'm Snoop Dogg in the jet
Sippin' acai-blueberry-pomegranate triple X
I been cashin' checks, I was broke so long you know I had to flex
I been mixin' Sprite with the Actavis
Thank my lucky stars, I'm so f**kin' blessed
Yeah, I got the bars, got the Xanax
Cloudboys, splash gang, that's the f**kin' set
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