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Oliver Francis

"​three 6 forever"

Is it… Is it hard to be fresh if you don’t have money or do you still pull it off?
See when I had no money I still had sauwce. See when you ain’t got no sauwce then you’re lost, but you can also get lost in the sauwce
You can get los..? How you get lost in the sauwce?
The b*t*h, the b*t*h gone get lost in the sauwce bruh, knowhatimsaying?
I know what you saying
Nawhatimean? Overdose of sauwce man

Marijuana smoking motherf**ker
f**k her
Say you’ll always be my lover but you need another
Say you’ll always have my back when sh*t is going under
But lately it don’t seem to me we really need each other

I don’t wanna see you cry, don’t wanna see you suffer
They tell me that the times is tough and only getting tougher
Never need another
No other
If I could reach my hands across the room and hope my fingertips would touch her

See me out here ballin’ like the jumpman
Polo Ralph Lauren on my waistband
Polo cap I turn it to the back
Bought a couple doobies in a zip lock bag
I always give it my best
But where your ass was at when I was in the pyrex
Swisher sweets to relieve my stress
But where your ass was at when I was doing my best
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