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Oliver Francis


(Turn uppp)
Watch how I whipin' the rarri
Takin' a shot of the sake
pu**y you don't wanna try me
Catchin' a body for me
Is just sum' like a hobby

Chiefin' that boof
In the audi
Man this b*t*h
Gettin' so cloudy
b*t*h I'm the greatest
b*t*h I been smokin' the dankest
I keep a bad b*t*h around me
You know I ain't fakin'

Ho when I roll up my dope
No I can't answer my phone
(Aww yeah)
She say she wanna elope
Smokin' a wood in the whip with your ho
Whippin' in circles and sippin' a 4
Ayy I pass her the blunt and she choke
Ayy I pass her the blunt and she choke
Ayy I pass her the blunt and she (Ahhh yeah)

Smokin' a blunt with yo b*t*h at the crib
Whip it I whip it like tokyo drift
I got some syrup and soda to mix
I got drank in my cup 45 on my hip
I put the blunt to my lip
Bool with a b*t*h at the crib
Syrup and soda the mix
Whip it like tokyo drift
Smokin' that dope
And I'm gettin' so rich

I got 2 b*t*hes
And they both butt naked
And my dope tasted
Like an edible arrangement
I'm the white weezy
92 baby
Rollin thru the city
Man I'm lookin' so wavy
Hoes on my d**k
Cause I look like Richie rich
Stepped up in this mother f**ker
Sippin' purple actavis
22 inch rims
Mud flaps on the whip
2 chains round my neck
Backwood To my lip
Based God b*t*h mob
Yeah it's pretty boy clique
Tommy shirt, Tommy pants
I'm a pretty boy b*t*h
(Lil' B the Based God)

Outro (2x)
Johnny tsunami
Ho say she want me
Way I roll a wood man
Sum' like origami
Smokin' Bob Marley
Whippin' Maserati
I kick it at the crib
Roll some dope
And watch toonami

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