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Oliver Francis


And if you f**k with me you know that we could live some
Girl, you know you f**king with a real one
Go and pour that liquor baby, we gon' sip some
Thumbing through a band, thumbing through a band
Yeah, we could spend some
Cause you my main, wanna pop champagne
Throw that cash away, 'cause baby you deserve it
If your heart aches, baby girl come my way
We can lay in bed all day
Cause you know that you worth it, ooh

So f**k with a young rich boy like me, ey
I could put you in that new Givenchy, ey
Maybe that Giorgio Armani
Anything that you want, it's on me
Lil' mama yeah just know that I gotta be honest
Ay, just tell me what you want and you know that I got us
'Cause you my main, baby girl come my way
Wanna pop champagne, every day

'Cause you my
Yeah, yeah
'Cause you my
Yeah, yeah, yeah
'Cause you my
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