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Oliver Francis

"Beachside Boof"

Yeah smokin' on boof beach side
Lil syrup in the peach nehi
Two girls in the pink Nissan
Countin up in the polo socks
I make that pu**y go splash
You a broke boy got no cash
I'm pool side smokin on hash
This right here my pretty boy swag
Yeah I'm steady thumbin' through a band
Smokin dope up in the Trans Am
Finna roll up 28 grams
Tommy Hilfiger on my waistband
I'm fire I'm fuego
Lil high tec in the faygo
Smokin' pineapple James Franco
Yeah and bad lil b*t*h and she biracial
Lil b*t*h gettin' piped down
Ferragamo on my belt
Smokin' propane Hank Hill
Wanna glow up with no deal
Yeah its still f**k 12
Did everything by myself
All my sh*t thats top shelf
Smoke brocolli for my health
Young boy sippin on syrup
Young boy whippin like skrt
Rihanna my wrist thats work
Bape camouflage on my shirt
Diamonds dripping soaking wet
We smoking aloe vera pack
These rich boys runnin' up a check
So say f**k round and ill come strapped like
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