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Oliver Francis

"Way of the Samurai*"

Lyrics from snippet

–Least, I told you once that you don't want no smoke
Bring a pistol pus*y I'ma bring the zanpakuto, b*tch
Some days, some nights
Some live, some die
In the way of the samurai
See the cherry on my cigarello moving through the dark
Blade on my back and bushiido always in my heart, uh
Your whole style is played out
Y'all gon' ride a di*k 'till the trend gets phased out
I'm Inuyasha eating pasta with a tight fam'
Big drip, pink mink like I'm killa' Cam
In the dodge ram burning grams I'm the damn man
With the grand [?] beat the pus*y like the grand slam
I kick the flow with my speakers blown
I risked it all for the music like nothing in a tender home
Extraordinary fox [?] type–

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