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"Hot Topic"

She wanna put it on me
Introvert Dame
You need to let loose tho

Can I tell you something
I see you working baby
Hold up
Can I hold something
Put it on me
Stop frontin
Throw that ass back
You know I want that
You drive me crazy
Oh No girl
How you gone play me
All she wanted was the keys
To the Cedes
That's shady

Damn she crazy
Like a girl
Fresh off the boat
I can't lie
The way she put it down
Drives me Crazy
She said f**k you
Pay me
Love is dying
But I can't let it
Fade me me
Me me me

She gone
Twist it
She gone
Pull it (pull it)
I'ma spin it
I'ma hit it (hit it)
Like I'm playin
Bop it (bop it)
Shawty stop it (stop it)
You know
I'ma trending topic (topic)
Baby went dark on me
Hot topic
If you back it up
I'ma have to watch it
But she only
Want my pockets
I knew the whole time
But I want it on me
I can't lie

I know when you
Come on over
You gone put it on me
I know that when you
Come over
You gone
Put that thang on me

She tricking
For that cash
I'm in my bag
Like magic
Ta da
I love it when
You call me
Big papa
Damn My girl can eat
Ordered Steak and lobsta
I want that real love
You imposter

f**k the ops
f**k the cops
She gone give
A n***a top
Yeah that mop
When I stop
My car cut off
At the light
Say goodnight
Give her pipe
What she like
She play me
I play her
When I call
She don't curve
Might be wrong
But them curves
Hella tight
Get me right
When you
Put it on me
Yeah that's right

How you gone play me
Throw that ass back
Is you crazy


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