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[Verse 1: Marinate]
Excuse me
I’mma need you to step back
Real quick
This is a full clip
Don’t shake my hand
I ain’t getting shook out here
Been the man with the plan
And the hooks you hear
These new rappers
Not much different from slave masters
Enslave ya ears
Telling you what they want to hear
And y’all just deers in the headlights
When the bass hits
You like yo this joint hard
And they ain’t saying anything
I got this picture on the canvas
I’m still painting it
The red is blood from the pain
The green is something to gain
The black is from my skin
Yellow showing my win
Blowing in the wind
Are the ashes of all my kin
So tell me
What we goin change
And why all these tunes
Sounding the same
They see my reputation
And they say I gotta bolster
I ain’t gonna hold ya
Gotta wake up drink some Folgers
Trapping almost the
Easy way
Route the government want
Me to take
So I seize my way
And honest living be
The hardest thing
Especially when everyone
Round you dying
And holding a clip
Oppression becomes depression
They don’t see the system
Was never set for we
Just like how that fake
Becomes the real
Put it on the reel enough
And eventually it’s how we cope and deal
I got more for em
I got more for em
Hot tea for thought
We goin pour it
For em

[Verse 2: TYMMYT]
I be chillin ain’t no villain
But I’m Krillin resurrected
When I hear them boom bap lectures
In my bedroom it’s a seminar with bars
Listening to 90s rap with the EQ on flat
It still slaps
Then I switch to some trap
By some rappers with commotion
Cuz them Internet explosions
Got em blowing up like that (that)
But they ain’t gon last (last)
Cuz they candy wrap-pers
Mumbl-ing chatters
So I made the choice that only real-ish matters
Now I’m spitting words like a spelling bee
Bump me on ya speaker
In the house like I’m Cory
Damn that reference so Disney
Nowadays dismal
Keeps ya bank full
But I grab that bull
By the horns
Cuz my pos-i-tivity’s scorned
Since they rather mourn
Than celebrate (aye)
On the day to day (day)
Where did all the play (go)
Yeah I get emotional
Life is made of pleasure and passion but most-e-ly pain ~
And I feel it all, crashing on me like waves
But the good don’t fade
It just cools, in the shade

[Verse 3: D.A.M.E]
All my life I never had a passion
Never thought that I would start rapping
I’m spitting it so compassionate
Came to take the game my arrival was so immaculate
This is not the bible you can’t make a God by accident
I’m heaven sent (uh)
An angel wearing halo
A pharaoh right out of Cairo is sitting in front your table
I need respect
Recognize you’re speaking to a prefect
Disrespect I’ll cut your chest wide open like a v-neck (AH)
Cannot tolerate dishonesty
If you cannot pay me proper respect get off the property
You’re talking to the land or the Lord
Quit playing with the boy
Everything I am's exactly what you want to be
I get it now
You used to talk down on my name but you regret it now
You’re hypnotized by all the flows that I invented now
I know control
I know power
I know soul
I know things about your girl
What they are you'll never know
I know pain
I know debt
I know things I won’t forget
I know God gave me these skills
And I know that I’m truly blessed
I know if you try to take it from me
I’ll send 13 shots like a baker's dozen
So back back and hush hush
While I create this verse
‘Cuz marinate done woke a giant just to shake the Earth
I’m writing scripture so vivid that you could paint a picture
You need forgiveness? My pen can give you ride to  church
For what it's worth i'm not just sitting and writing words
My bars is cold, the tip of the iceberg
I’m inspired by the Kendricks and the Coles
I’m trying to be the greatest to ever do it
You hear the proof inside the music
I’m an innovator when it comes to flows
That’s how it goes

[Verse 4: Josh Marks]
Call yourself king but we don’t see your crown
Caged bird can’t sing if it’s chained underground
Left the ring just to never once again be found
Doing your thing, now the lil birdie won't make a sound
Sticks and stones can’t hurt me you get smoked like a pound
Most of y’all unworthy, there is not one ounce
Of real in they blood, and I feel like the mud
Underneath my fingernails will never wash, tell the judge
I’d do all again just because I do not live with regrets
For the pain, I got love
Gold noose on my neck
Brown juice in the club
It’s a dub if you ain’t talkin facts or a check
Check my stats, rookie season, I’m still ballin like a vet
You be on the bench, I could see why you stressed
Y’all could fake tough, I’m a tough act to follow
I don’t bluff, even when the water murky, it’s still hollow
What do I trust more? A mic or a bottle?
What does my mind explore besides triumph and sorrow
Opportunity at door, if I wait until tomorrow
The chance is no more, time can never be borrowed

[Verse 5: Marinate]
My teacher think I write
Better when I don’t rhyme, oh my
I’mma take advise from
A woman, who is closed mind
Caught up in what she believe
She don’t see
What’s in front of her
Is the experiences I achieved
And overcame, the pain
Conquered without novocaine
Brothers telling me they wanna cut
They veins out, I can see they pain now
Me I throw it up to God
And let the blessings rain down
From God I was given a gift
That I ain’t never giving up
White folk don’t got backbone
Cause they weren’t whipped enough
My ancestors bear that pain
Colonial punishment brought you fame
My people were framed
It’s still my people in chains
Round the neck
Round the hands and feet
Y’all the squares cutting corners
How you infected me

With your plagues
With your disease
I’m fed up with what I see
What you say, why should I believe?

Don’t need the bread
Or the cheese
Me, I just want the deed
To own the bakery

I pray my death ain’t
My only destiny
I pray my steps
Be away from all my enemies

I pray my death ain’t
My only destiny
I pray my steps
Be away from all my enemies



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