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"Don’t Ask Don’t Tell"

I know that you miss ya mom
Been here for a minute tho
I been tryna sober up
That’s too many new friends
Thirty straight days faded
I just wanna finish tour
I know that I need to stop
Pay Hosea back this loan
I ain’t touched a million yet
Auto graphed photos
Changing faces Keith Sweat
Notha show postponed
Different day same sh*t
We ain’t getting paid for this
We woke up best friends
The liquor made us angry
Made it clear before 10 4
Drink number ten got me
Different since my friend shot me
Never let em in fault me
Transparent not me u
Still selfish with my energy
Choose honesty
Why re runs
Why preach honesty
Why speak up
Don’t ask don’t tell policy
Don’t ask don’t tell
Seen this again
Season 2 finale fan
More pink tutus don’t dance
Try squeeze into my plans
No sea saw sh*t
Sun kissed since you got tanned
I keep yo secrets locked
Blew by green tea empty bottles
TI quilla bring them lips
Flawed but we in NSYNC
So f**k them b*t*hes baby
That little b*t*h a hater
Give f**k bout no messages
Or Only F a n s ‘s
Real as it ever gets
This come with benefits
These b*t*hes Biden
You should run for president everyday
Kiss babies wave to the crowd
You my legacy
Queen and slim
That’s gon be she and him
That’s gon be mars and Venus
I’m just seeing sh*t
Still got some level 5 stalkers
Keep em on seen and sh*t
Hasta la vista b a b y
Issa Rae
Mirror image clear as vodka
Bosa nova pasta hot as taquis sake bombs
It’s philosophical
Wet as the Mediterranean oh my lord
Now I think water boarding my new sport
Lovers or friends or f**k it either
Quaking that pu**y shaking cha cha cha
f**k and fog up the windows ha ha ha
Ima need to wipe that off
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