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"RIP & Hennessy"

[Verse 1]
I’m f**ked up like porn scenes on the second floor
Open door
Smoke em open season fuk you blocking for
Pocket watching
Not cha time is tickin’ have you dancing more
Pop a load on yo b*t*h tongue
She screaming I need child support
Three sixteens like pedophiles I’m Lebanon
It’s time for war
In dis b*t*h like Issa baby
Never seen ya pop before
Doctor way I vac a scene
I’m clean as f**k it’s not a chore
Lots to eat so line up for beef for now
Like In and out

Wet em like a reverend do a mu’fukin Baptist
In dis John like Cena
You in my arena now b*t*h
I am on ya head and off the top like I be wrestling
Tighter than rope
Murder to excellence I took a oath
I just see caskets
RIP and Henny on ya mu’fukin ashes
Espionage have lesbians setting you up for cash b*t*h
One Queen Latifah s-e-t it off cuz she ratchet
Staging home invasions
Then leave wita bag like Santa
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