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Urban Kulture Sound
2flowers, let 'em know
Blasian on the track, boy

[Verse 1: JTrizzy]
Step on strips, they know I'm wid it
Pulled up in bruck-down dingers, is it?
Might have to call Exhibit
Lil' one, we're going out fishing
Dig it, taste my blade and kiss it
Don't stay if your heart ain't in it
Wicked, Trigs got bored, who's winning?
Two shanks in my hand like Ridd**k
For my bros I'll risk it, b*t*h
Opp B from the paigon strip
She sucks my d**k and I jeet on tits
They know I'm a G side tug, for my bros I'll ride for the miss
How many man been touched in Ring?
That's why they hide on the Hill, some pricks
Me and K, pushbikes in Ring
See no one, bare kids and civs
Think twice 'bout wearing a vest 'cah we aim for the neck, best wear a bib
Pull up in the L2 strip or aim them sticks tryna aim at wigs
I got love for the 15 inch, that yute was p*ssed when I tore through ribs
Big 15, don't lack
Inject my blade and twist in backs, tell an opp boy "Hold that"
JKSav, he already got splashed, why's his name JSav?
M90 ain't no driller, he had his wap and still got shanked
K was holding hands and ran with his yat, that neek ain't bad
Man said "ZsSho", like how can you lie on tracks?
Don't mention my name you twat, you got shanked with flicks by a kids, you fass
Somebody tell Oso, like, tell him that his girl is trash
Come and collect that slag
I think the mandem rassed her back
Opps love talk 'bout leggies, while shh got chinged in his headie
And shh got chinged in his chest
And shh already lost his legs
Oh sh*t, that one was stressed
So dead, that talk 'bout meds
How many man's been stretched?
We get round and splash up them
[Verse 2: Zush]
JSav screamed when I bricked his yard
Went straight through the window and it licked his Marge
JT punched up JC's teeth, now he can't eat, what a f**king neek
ZS got banged in the face by Miz 'cah he wanna play gangster and act on vids
How many times have I ran down these kids?
I step on their block on foot, I leave with pushbike
Back my blade, I won't fistfight
125 or pushbike
YB's ex, I'm diggin' it
Asfar pack, I'm billin' it
Zush from the Grave, I'm militant
1v1, I'm finishin'
If I back my ramz, I'm getting him, wettin' him
Running like JSav, screaming like Leo
How many times have I banged on these kids?
If I lurk on the L2 strip he's gonna taste metal when he has his wap
TT try cut tru' town and left his ped, what a f**king twat
And shh got bun in his face, taste that bullet you f**king fag

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