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"Sounds Of War"

Sounds of chains we hear from far behind
Mechanic noises of magic kind
Mighty war machines are on their way
I'm knowing here is no place to stay
Time will come, we'll have to pray
An evil war will come someday
I feel frosty atmosphere
Don't you see that the point is near

Shooting guns I hear from everywhere loud
Bombs are falling out of dark grey clouds
Tanks are coming, beware of the chains
Children are suffering they cry for help
But chains are coming and they smash them down
Bombs burn houses and everything around
No use of crying, it seems to be the end
Seems to be the end of this rotten land

I was born, oh tell me why
I was born, oh tell me why

Killing children who doesn't know hatred
Torturing people what for this mess
Tell me the sense of useless life
Killing each other with guns and knives
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