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"Fall Of The Empire"

Can you remember how it used to be
We were so proud and free, so free
Strong and mighty powerful and true
Can you remember

Now all around us pestilence and greed
Famine, hate and war
It surrounds us like a black disease
Just take a look around us

In spite of every upright intention
We live and die by the sword
It's second nature, and so the question is
Can we learn or will we burn

The fall of the empire... What have we done
The fall of the empire... It's the dawn of the setting sun
The fall of the empire... can this race be won
It's the fall of the empire... or has the end begun

Will the mountains crumble to the ground
Will the earth stand still
Will we rise a mushroom cloud
Will the mountains crumble

Can we heed a lesson from the past
And put aside our hate
Or will we blow ourselves to kingdom come
Tell me is it too late
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