J. Holiday
Ooh, oh
Oooh, ooh
Oh, ooh

Yeah [giggles]
'Bout to make it rain...
Dear Jayne

[Verse 1:]
Boy, it's about time (time)
That I [?] straight withchu on a game (game)
Let me know what it is

If you with it
'Cause you could be the Tarzan
And the Jungle Boy
And I could be your Jayne

Ooh, whoa
Ooh, ooh
Whoa, ooh, oo

First thing I'm do
Is to boy
(Is to please you)
I'm a show you where it's at
I promise not to tease ya
I'ma get you out of character
Boy, I ain't no amateur
My body's gonna challenge ya
You know I can handle ya

This is what it sounds like when it's getting (aw, aw, aw, aw)
And I'ma lock the door so
There won't be a disturbance (whoa, ooh)
Now I came to ya smile

It seems like this thing's
'Bout to go down
You not gonna get the privilege
Until you prove it with it
Oooh, it's getting

When we kissing (when we kissing, when we kissing, boy)
It feels like rain (rain, rain, rain)
Rain, you so excited
I know you want it, boy

You just can't get enough
My body's calling for attention
Boy, I'm gonna give it up (oh, oh, oh)
When we kissing (when we kissing)
When we kissing, boy
I can feel the rain

[Repeat 2x]
Give me kisses, boy
So you can feel the rain

[Verse 2:]
Surprise you in front of the door
Your sexy ghetto scent is so inviting
You got me so excited

Vicky Secrets all on the floor
I hope you're ready for what's in store
I'm all in one
And more

'Cause I'm a turn the tempo up
And slow the tempo down
And I can't wait to hear us
Make those "ooh, aw" sounds

I'm a bring the rain
You bring the thunder
Have ya tripping over
All of these
This is how I'm a put it down
[Repeat bridge:]

[Repeat Chorus:]

Here we go

Oh Oh

Oh Oh
Oh Oh (Oh Yeah)

[Repeat Chorus:]