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Joell Ortiz

"BK Get The Money"

*Freestyle over 'Queens Get The Money' by Nas. Produced by Jay Electronica

[Intro] [Joell talking]:
Let me close my eyes for this one. So I can envision it...and paint the picture for y'all to envision it. Hear my story

Man it was more than rough, small apartment with all of us
We all would rush to the bathroom soon as we heard the toilet flush
Hot water ain't on enough, y'all don't know how them mornings was
Remember me gettin' on the bus, corduroys with the tallest cuff
Hopin' my man ain't want his lunch
Needed a little more to munch
Fortunates sat across from us
They would pass me they corner stuff
Fast forward
Cornered up, huggin', lovin' the mornin' rush
Grindin', tryin' to avoid them cuffs
I ain't like bein' poor as f*ck
Iron item I wore it tucked
Right inside of the North and yup I would fire like more than once
Quiet whoever wanted what
Missiles the size of horses nuts
Just dividing your organs up
Body hotter than Florida, papi ride with the coroner
Lobby, cryin' and pourin' cups
Sloppy, "Why is he gone?"
But the fact of the matter is he ain't comin' back like when raw is cut
That was the past move on to the fact I'm a track slaughter
Classical cat sort of a magical rap sorcerer
? you acts oughta get tossed in the trash off of the strength of your wack aura
These n*ggas is mad soft like the ass on Kardash daughters
I'm hot like Iraq boarders
Y'all see through like tap water
I'm spendin' my last quarter callin' all y'all bluffs
I'm exactly what rap order
Your Bentley was that gorgeous to mention in that chorus
The fans were just sad mourners
Till a Brooklyn n*gga walked in the spot
Hot off his block with his pen and his pad flawless

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