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Joell Ortiz

"Popular Demand"


I'm back but not by popular demand
Just the underdogbarking with this jockter[?] in my hand
Can't see me with binoculars they rocking in Iran
Don't throw a shot. you'll understand. I'm a shotta, yes I am
A shot for all the fans. not that vodka and the cran
I'm special something aged from when Sinatra was the man
Last night I sneezed and there was vomit in my hand
This morning I gotta checkup and the doctor was like "Damn!"
I said "What's wrong?" he said "I don't know what it is
Looks like some sort of virus way more potent than the HIV
It's terminal but I don't know how long you 'pose to live
It's brand new we'll call this diagnoses the Or-tiz."
It's not contagious nobody's body can take this
Your breath feels like Uranus, ya fevers hotter than Drake is
That's when I said "that's why I got a cool flow"
Roam planet earth and I was born on Pluto
The truth lies inside the word I often say
"Yaowa" your actually one world away
I came here to play, I wasn't suppose to stay
I'm fascinated by this music thing you guys display
I see yall took a liking to the things I like to say
I've had 3 record deals I gotta chance to write for Dre
Now I'm along side 3 other alien hooligans
Buddens is from Saturn; 5'9"s Neptunian
Crooked I's the uranian night the game is good-night
We form a black hole these alien races unite. (SLAUGHTERHOUSE)
Ya fans get sucked in with every word
Check my free agent abduction: February 23rd
I'm loved in the hood and I'm heavy in the burbs
Run the streets, get out my way and park ya Chevy on curb
The broads y'all be bringing to the telly is the worst
I f*ck winners. my b*tches keep confetti in they purse (LADIES)
Just so you know, I give good back shots
Play for my team, I make you scream like a mascot
Yes I'm a freak I'll eat it like a last chop
Pull over the drop and make it pop on the back block
Ain't good at brain you afraid you give me bad top? (Thats okay)
I'll help you figure it out like Matlock
"Little slower. Watch ya teeth. Look at that clock
Now put on this hat, watch, ride it like a matchbox."
On another note, I ain't just here to snatch gwap
Y'all gon know this cat hot my face going be the back drop
On every b*tches laptop. Every time a track drop
Nothing short of the crack rock. Fire like when mac's pop
Times funny when you looking at a rap clock
Today they see you, tomorrow your a stash box
Y'all going let me in or I'll be force to have to snap locks
Cut a hole in fences, climb gates to get to that top
Only God has the power to make my rap stop
A lot of pain but I should state every last drop

(I'm still here baby 2010 and beyond...belongs to me j-j-Joell Ortiz

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