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Joell Ortiz


[Verse 1: John Regan]
Either we’re at the bottom of the sky
Or the top of the planet
It all depends how you’re looking at it
It’s all perspective
Glass half empty
They say I’ll laugh last
But I been already used up the last laugh in me
It’s hard, God wanted to see what I was made of
See if I would fold
See what I’m afraid of
If I’d have gave up?
I’d have left my wife in the same situation that I was in
And even tho me and my uncle had our ups and downs
It was love, that see-saw never touched the ground
I could deal cus I never knew my dad
But grandma, I wanted to die when you was doing bad
When you told me you was scared, I held your arms
And when I think about it, still feel the wet in your palms
I can't believe it
You’re gone, nothing left to say
It’s so long, but it feels like it’s Yesterday

[Hook: Meylin]

[Verse 2: Joell Ortiz]
I had shorty in the club pouring sips for me

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