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"Waiting Room"

Stand for the silent bride
Maidens in crimson drapes
Bottle it up inside
Till it explodes
And washes over rows
Of everyone attending
Sad midwestern baptist girl
Writes sorry on the mirror
Crying in bathroom
On the first night of the honeymoon
It numbs you like
The colors in the waiting room

Once it was smile and wave
Someone you barely knew
Now it’s a shower and shave
And a new excuse for every time
You come in after hours
Cover blown, you try to own
Too many indiscretions
You break it off
And tell him that
You’re sorry that he never knew
It hounds you like the soundtrack
In the waiting room

Out on a great crusade
Under a million stars
Focusing on your face
With the lines and creases coming on
Like U.S. Grant took Richmond
Bonafide but trapped inside
A shell that says to hell with you
You pour it out
And hope that someone notices
Before it’s through
It rides you like
The silence in the waiting room

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