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Natalie Cole

"Jump Start"

Alright yaul, oh, oh, oh
(uh, oh, uh, oh, oh, oh)
Hey, hey, ooh, yeah

[Verse 1:]
Feels like my battery's in need of a jump
Our love is running down, done fell into a slump
Give me a spark to get the fire burning
A get my engine movin, set these wheels a turnin
Our love could use some rejuvination
You bring the wine, I'll bring the sweet conversation
Romance is here to stay, I'll testify 'cause I need some today
So won't cha

Jump start my heart
Charge me up when I'm runnin down
Oh, jump start my heart
Lift my feet up off the ground

[Verse 2:]
When it comes to lovin', baby can't get enough
Hotwire me, satisfy me, don't give me up
Turn on the heat on a cold winter's morning
Don't let the seasons change and nature catch me callin
Can't let this feeling just slip away
Our love was meant to last forever and a day
We can't neglect what we cherish the most
So drop your foolish pride 'cause I need you more and more
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