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Leif Vollebekk

"Te Og Kaffi"

Verse 1:

Old men and coffee, old men and tea
At six o'clock they parted, their lips in their countries

Young men and coffee, young men and tea
Troubadour he started, and he cut 'em down like trees

A lady poured me coffee, but she was having tea
And showed me through her window where the bay did reach the sea

Young ladies and coffee, young ladies and tea
Kept me up again last night, I went to bed at three

White china eyes, roasted hazel brown
Starin' across the table, and then starin' to the ground

Farewell go the fêlé, bon voyage à vous
Hurry now don't you be late from the sailor's point of view

White china eyes, suns rise and then go down
Father told mother this, and then the mother turned around

Gentle are the ripples, and deadly are the waves
Gotta learn sadness from sorrow, for that you must be brave
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