Bishop Nehru

"Codeine With It, Rock With It"


Bish back with a new flow
He a young dog but he's too cold
Tryna get big like he too bold
With a big hit like Pujols
Got no time for you putos
Young chulo got new goals
You're cool though, I'm uno
Got the game locked like [?]
Who knows where the flip next
Put chips down, made big bets
All wins, it's no stress
sh*t worked out like Bowflex
Want more and no less
I been [?]
They forced it, no threat
I saw more with more steps
They all test, I been passed
I run sh*t like gym class
You in last and big mad
I just laugh, you sitting back
Sitting back but I found me a route
[?] doubt
Spit from the soul, this isn't for clout
And that's gonna turn into bigger amounts
[?] the others are worse
They tryna mention my name in a hearse
It's funny [?] what they worth
Stillborn, don't need [?]
Nurse tryna claim my turf
Made waves, y'all just surf
Knew I been great since birth
Gave an alert, they didn't hear
Confidence say I was never a fear
They on the side, I'm watching them cheer
I see the goat when I look in the mirror
Staying afloat away from the pier
Say that they love me, it's never sincere
Speeding it up, I'm switching the gears
Turned my hobby into a career
You mad you not this
You're nonsense, too novice
I got this on lock b*t*h
Got keys too, no locksmith
Not just for guap
I like watching your top shift
Jot down your top picks
I'm top five, my stock list
[?] that's not piff
Started up just whips
Way back when Ye swag was backpacks and more thrifts
Run it back, that's no [?]
You boxed in, that's no gift
Won't stop til [?]
These dudes clones [?]
Only L is a Raw paper
Laugh now, I [?] later
Want it all in my favor
I feel minor but move major
Feel like I'm the game saviour
f**k all of the naysayers
I could see that they straight haters
With no reason to even hate us
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