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Bishop Nehru

"Leave Me Alone (Nehruvian Remix)"

Yeah, uh, uh, look

Leave me alone, I been sick of the phony
Say that I'm bogus but don't really know me
Don't need a friend, no I don't need a homie
Me and myself and my music [?]
Know what I want, they could never control me
And if they try I'ma [?]
Seeing them changing, they doing it slowly
They wanna block out my shot like a goalie
They try to troll me, I'm doing the same
Tired of acting and all of the games
I see the way that they play with my pain
I don't see losses, I'm thinking in gains
Through with the lames that are trying to bash
f*ck all the haters, I'm making it last
I see the greatness that [?] my path
I know that they're scared and they fearing the wrath
Chatting and saying that I'm busy playing
They trying to play like the kid ain't amazing
I'm busy loving, evolving, creating
And like we were cousins, there's people relating
Only my dreams is what I'm busy chasing
History been what I'm thinking of making
I know that most of you had me mistaken
My spirit's [?] it's never breaking
Shaking the pressure away on the daily
And I'm getting tired but I'm never lazy
Mental fatigue has been stressing me lately
Still I'ma shine and an emperor made me
This shady is making me crazy for real
Step in the grain and I'm chasing the thrills
n*ggas can hate me, I'm taking the bills
I'm patiently waiting like 50 for mills
I feel like I wanna run for the hills
Feel like a snap I'm taking a still
There's been a way 'cause I know that I will
And f*ck what you say, I'm aware of the skill
Feeling it's war, some will adore
Seen it before so I won't ignore
Open it up like a knock at a door
I know it's the point like I'm trying to score
Lyrics are life as they from the core
I put in work like I'm done with a tour
Once from the bottom, I'm taking the floor
Wait til you see what I carry in store
Y'all are a bore, [?] striking
Here to enlighten, I had the wisest
Still I'm the one that the others despising
Is it the beats or the bars that I'm writing
Still I'm remembered like I was a Titan
Know that I am 'cause I'm seeing them biting
Heavy with lyrics, they think I'm a lion
It comes from the spirit, it's why I'm surviving
Igniting the fire I hold in my soul
Making it diamond with all of this coal
Pressure is nothing but making a mold
My pleasure will come from the victory stroll

[?] life

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