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Empire! Empire! (I was A Lonely Estate)

"You Have to Be So Much Better than You Ever Thought"

I spent one week every summer at Camp Tapico
For every year I was a Boy Scout

The camp felt like an entire separate country
Or as if the rest of the world had disappeared
And we were the only ones left alive

We traveled in packs
We rode our bikes everywhere

About ten or fifteen feet before we reached any destination
I would yell, "Dismount!" and we would
Swing our bodies over the frame in unison onto the left pedal
And coast to a halt

I felt like a grown up
Or how I imagined one must feel
And I could mostly come and go as I pleased

One summer, sirens blared out over the camp P.A
In a shrill and ugly tone with an infinite refrain
That carried for miles and miles

I had never heard that sound before

Our counselors were panicked and told us
To return to our campsites immediately
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