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Empire! Empire! (I was A Lonely Estate)

"Everything Is Connected And Everything Matters (A Temporary Solution To A Permanent Problem)"

On a late spring day, when summer began to take shape
You lowered your head to bear an uneven compromise
How your voice held steel, make sharp by the sound of it aloud!
You were drunk on each syllable; you could not even hear what it sang

When you were young
You spent your summers in Maine
And stripped of the friends you made
You gorged yourself on Frost and Hemingway
When you came back to Michigan
You would walk with words you did not speak
And dress yourself
With an air we couldn't reach

So when you go back to Maine, I hope that you stay
Where you have cornered truth and beauty
And each borrowed refrain you sing, you sing, you sing
Will sound the same to the lonely, lonely sea

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