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Hunters & Collectors

"Inside A Fireball"

Hey everybody - can't you hear me call?
I'm standing in a the street inside a fireball
Tomorrow's in the future - death is in the cradle
We're all day dreaming at the breakfast table

Down Main Street with the dust in my lungs
The blisters on my shoulder - the end has just begun
I'm swimming in the heat when the rads his my tongue
The remnants of my children are having too much fun

Inside a fireball
Inside a fireball

There's a big copper digger in the middle of town
The birds are on his head - the rags are hanging down
The grip on the grenade in his broken hand
As loose as the union's on the hot red sand

Inside a fireball
Inside a fireball

"We will not die and it is no crime
Ya take the whole world upon ya shoulder
For the very last time"

Well I blasted my way through the barrier range
I ripped up the ground but nothing has changed
Bromide, sulphide, oxide, slag
We're cleaning out the can with an oily rag
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