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Ina Wroldsen

"If This Is Love"

[Verse 1: Una & Mollie]
Tell me baby, in the night do you think of me?
When you open up your eyes, am I there?
Are you standing by your window when I'm asleep?
Why you quiet when you know that I'm near?

[Pre-Chorus: Rochelle & Una]
You know I love you, you thought I would leave you
But baby I've got you still
You think you want to be by yourself, don't you
But baby you never will

[Chorus: All (Frankie & Una)]
If this is love, then I don't wanna know what is
I won't say another word
If this is love, then I'm about to hit and miss
We're both going to get hurt if this is love
If this is love

[Verse 2 - Vanessa & Mollie]
Are you picturing me lying across your bed?
Are you thinking you were wrong to hurt me?
I forgive you, I'll forget everything you said
You will love, and you will not desert me

[Pre-Chorus 2: Una]
You think I'm crazy, I'm not, I'm your baby
I promise I'll always be
You think eventually this too will pass
But I promise I'll never leave
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