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Gustavo Cerati

"The Day and the Time"

[Verse 1]
Who's to say that we always have to agree
I think we can both can take this one mistake
Like some kind of amnesty
Why to love and with such brutality?
We're compatible, maybe a bit too much
That's our ambiguity
I've cried a thousand storms
I've blown away the clouds
The heartbeat of the sun is racing mine
And listen how my heart is waiting

This is the day and the time
I wanna believe that we may still have a chance
We took a leap in the dark
And I can see now
How shadows have turned to light

[Verse 2]
Well, we know how ephemeral are things
Disillusion takes what illusion gives
What's the use of make believe?
The needles of the clock
Are moving right to left
Pretend we never heard of things we said
Like we've been deaf
And start all over
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