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Crooked I

"Auphelia Payne"

This one's dedicated to my home girl, Auphelia Payne

[Verse 1]
She was a ghetto little girl who became a young woman
Didn't have no kids, didn't plan on one coming
And n***as who wasn't bout sh*t, she'd run from em
From a welfare family, look how the slums done em
Daddy was an alcoholic so her mama dissed him
Her gang banging brother was a homicide victim
One of her other younger brothers locked by the system
She sent him letters, couldn't describe how she missed him
Told him jobs in the hood ain't plenty
So I'm part-timing it at Denny's
But she didn't tell him at night she's strip club waitress serving Henny
Rocking lace stockings and a mini
Customers ask if they could buy sexual favors
Even the women want bisexual favors
But she don't get down like that and so they label her a hater
Go on, baby, tell them what you're made of

You don't know what to do, you gotta make it through
I feel your pain
You gotta keep on fighting and you will get to the better days
I feel your pain
Keep pushing, you'll be fine, don't give in, you'll be alright
I feel your pain
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