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Crooked I

"2.0 Boys"

[Verse 1: Royce da 5'9"]
Ryan's a homicidal misfit, I write the solution of biophysics
On the side of a cliff in some hieroglyphics
This my admission to having violent psychotic wit
Devour, polish it, politics

By the way I'm higher than the Eiffel Tower tip
I like writing, but I will stick this pencil in your ass
Before I write your sh*t,
pause, inhaling hella kush
Us and Yelawolf like a heavy foot gas pedal push
Felons, crooks, going door-to-door
Like we selling books, Dolly Parton style, melons mushed
Now my b*t*h a dancer, I'm about as sick as cancer
If you could swallow my style, you'd probably rip your pants up
If you could bottle my style and sell it to somebody
It probably will smell like cologne made out of bits of panther

They call me Anchorman, I hold down the ship
Leave you n***as floating in water, then go and drown a fish

f**k, I'm f**king heinous, I make you f**king famous
Them lead showers is coming, f**k is you saying?

[Verse 2: Eminem]
f**k! It's f**king raining, sh*t! There's lightning, b*t*h!
It's thundering cause I'm cussing up a storm if you wondering, sh*t!
sh*t! You couldn't muster up enough thought
To take a dump during a brain fart, chump
If you want urine in your face, all you had to do was say
That you wish you would've just stayed p*ssed off in the first place

We came to monopolize the game, Illuminati is here
Yeah, human oddities, at odds with us, your squad's gotta be
Cause we started out cold in a snowball, we froze
Soon as we rolled up on these hoes, all's we know
Is y'all lowered the bar like limbo, you know who you are

So quit f**king the dog before we start calling YOU Bizarre
sh*t, screw the pooch, y'all done raped a pitbull
Fell in love with the shih-tzu
, this missile's directed directly at you
And this for these hoes who don't know me from a can of paint
You must be huffing, f**k a ball sack
If the taints can't take you on a date, you mistake me for a gentleman
You 2000 and late, man, and Will I ain't, I'm the bad guy
Type of guy that will drag five girls up on stage
Pour ice in their pants, and the first one who pees gets a black eye
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