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Crooked I

"3 the Hard Way"

[Verse 1: Crooked I]
Yo Iceman, watch how I come in this b*t*h off note
And bang for my team
If Mozart a genius, I’m the same f**king thing
Compare me the Pavarotti, I just can’t f**king sing
If life is a fight I’mma aim duck and swing
I don’t have to write ’cause these lyrics came from a dream
Ssut ssut COB blame the regime
It's like green screen
The way we changed up the scene
Chain with the cross on it
Lamb shank with the cabernet sauce on it
And act a beat with the boss on it, slaughter
All upon it it’s the God of
The west coast water
I can’t walk on it y’all want it
Nah, that’s a reason and die swallowing math equations
Tryin' to eat my piece of the pie
See I set my goal, so extremely high
I can’t see 'em from my first class seat in the sky
And before my plane departed
I walk in security they say a chain retarded
Are you a famous artist, no
But f**k yeah my name regarded
As an underground beast I’m just trying to change the target
Meet Ras Kass & Kurupt this a holiday
n***as better move like pedestrians right away
I give you the blue print to thug life
Like I’m reciting Pac and Jay
The modern day Marvin Gaye
’Cause my pops wanna pop me
I would drop him before he drop me
Didn’t raise me and before cops can knock me
I would throw the Glock away when they stop me
And tell 'em my name is Scott free
Oh, I’m from the wicked west
Do I have a limit yes ,my limit is limitless
f**k a cabby I packy
I blast from the back seat of his taxi
Then pass it to Rassy

[Verse 2: Ras Kass]
Fat pole in a slimy track
Grown up folk with a shiny gat
For more ex pills than tiny had
Sat where my crime is set
Never been a whiny rat
Stegosaurus rap reptilian with a spiny back
My East side b*t*h got hit with a shiny bat
In the wheelchair but her vagina ain’t handicaped
Uh, her vagina ain’t handicapped
Mensa member, big d**k, good lookin' n***a, Annie rap
What you think all the guns is for
I’m going on tour in Mordor
With an elf queen for more whores
Throw us a Mexican drug warlord before poor
The skull of Abe Lincoln, seven years and four score
Want more call Crooked I, you could be Chinese
With the side ways face you’re not Crooked I
Cali don’t give a f**k gotta get through us
Lost lyricist trust now I pass to Kurupt

[Verse 3: Kurupt]
Heaven’s got a gape in hole the souls are mischief, mischievous souls
Hell’s frozen over pola I arose
Corrosion erosion temples are stealing stone
Crumble to the tone of the voice of vigilance
Violence in a judge,by the black a gap clap smoked then vaporized
Berserk a hydra, Cerberus
Wrap the titans connected to bend in both sides
Simultaneously at the same time he is eye
Double jeopardy, Gemini
Walk on the red carpet and turned it blue
Stand like a statue mind yourself
Reverse the camera lights and blind yourself
I’m the unseen sentinel sentinel
Oh, sent to your dough step to make buildings fall
I don’t wear ice my n***a I’m cold already and diamonds can’t freeze my wrist
I’m froze already, the future was already been wrote and cold already
The coded exposed we wrote and code already
Its the end of the end and beginning to begin
When it ends it all and it starts over again n***a
Heaven’s got a gapin' hole the souls are mischief
Escaped the road on the road to redemption Arctic
And art the archangel when hence means
Soaking these rodent rappers
Drenching in the instinct firing golf to body
Send in, in an instinct god he ate off the body
Send in every into 'em ,Hitler
Bitter bitter turn them to cat litter
Infrastructure are crumbled, infra-red spitter
Got 'em like an eye grass crooked eye cash bringing these n***as
Corruption world wide
Money ain’t a thing. b*t*hes ain't sh*t
And neither are you n***a eat a fat d**k
Hoes give me money n***as get shot
Every day in LA every way and every night
Every night, Every night
West coast murder

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