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Crooked I

"Back The f*ck Up"

[Hook: Royce da 5'9"]
What the f**k are you looking for?
Can't a young n***a get money anymore?

Can y'all bums get funny anymore?
Can my life get sunny anymore?
Back the f**k back 'fore I f**k you up
Ay! Back the f**k back 'fore I f**k you up
You better back the f**k back 'fore I f**k you up

I came, I saw
I conquered, I'm a monster
Back the f**k back 'fore I f**k you up
You better back the f**k back 'fore I f**k you up

[Verse One: Royce da 5'9"]
Feeling like the greatest, Motor City's finest
My crew looking Jamaican, I'm rolling with the grinders
They calling me old head, but so what the car's young
I set the bar with the bars even though I'm bar none
Hot car, top's off, hot broad, rockstar
Watch not flawed; turn y'all to watch dogs. knock it off
I'm too pretty to fight, this gonna end fast
My clip long as Sinbad is when it's on its tenth blast
f**k y'all radio play, f**k y'all radio stations
Long as I'm paid, my lady built like a long-legged alien
If it all ended today, I can honestly say
I performed and recorded with the greatest, word on The Chronic to Dre
Now I'm as polished as Obama wiping down a diamond
With the ass of Diamond from Crime Mob
After she’s had a shiny Armani hind-job
I’ma be straight
And you can pick a rapper, any rapper, and line up the date
I’m in a zone where the f**k is the ref with the whistle?
Don’t gotta impress you, I just diss you
The press pretzels the issue
My homie Joey showed me the net
And I went and got me a gross net fiscal
I’ll stretch you like the tek is a Bowflex pistol
So don’t bet
You would prefer me to be coming with you like phone sex
With a sexy electrician whose next mission
Is to cut your buzz off if you don’t rap right
I ain’t wrapped tight but I’m just that gift
"Crack piff, mac spit, Cadillac flips"
We can match whips, battle rap d**k
I’d rather have an actress on my mattress
Who giving me brain so long she don’t know jack sh*t
But how to do that d**k
Fact sh*t confidence of a fat chick
Caught onto fashion from catchin bodies at Saxs and Fifth
I came, saw, and I conquered, pig gang
Y'all talkin I’m chainsawing your tonsils
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