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Marc Goone


(Verse 1)
At the top of the key all i need is a pick
I'ma pop it from three like i'm 10 from the Six
Kristaps with the rock but the team is the knicks
'cept for Pops, Liz and Judge you can all suck my di*k
Got some change for a change ain't sh*t changed but the crib
Moved them thangs by the boat now i'm paid by the fish
No light going deep sh*t been dark i'm a squid
I been down i been low getting high off the mid
All i ever see is flaws
All i ever feel is lost
Said this city'd be the tonic baby but it's toxic i been at a loss
Took a toll it's had a cost
Hundred thousand final straws
Treating every little symptom baby i ain't even lookin for the cause

I'm just
Tryna get a handle on my sh*t
Floating thru it all feeling lifeless
She said i hate to see you like this (2x)

Calling for some isolation feel like i'm A.I
Sorry know i test your patience all the f*cking time
And if this sh*t here never work out baby we be fine
Cuz last week i made 15k and didn't even try

(Verse 2)
I'm running out of f*cks
To give like i ain't give enough
Why this city turn me cold
Now i don't give a sh*t no more
More mitch hedburg than a bill burr
Done it with no team i ain't the spurs
Jordan without pippen rodman kerr
I'm more louis than a kevin hart
Lately i been clawing in the dark
Deep down in my heart of heart of hearts i know
Feel like by the time i'm paid i'll be abuelo
Told me baby now it time to stack them pesos
Swear to god i'll never be on no one's payroll
So even if i never drop again i still got bankroll

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